With today’s technology, your smartphone is basically a portable computer. You already know you can do so much with it, but have you considered what a powerful tool it is when you’re looking at your potential new home? You may be surprised just how many ways having your cell phone on you during a walk through can be.

Take pictures

You may have floor plans, dimensions, and even professional quality floor plans, but take as many pictures as you can. Take pictures of where the light switches are so you can start your furniture floor plan. Take pictures of the inside of the closet so you can remember the layout. Take pictures of some of the lesser features of the home so you can consider ways to improve them or conceal them before moving in – you know those pictures aren’t spotlighted in the professional photos. Take pictures of colors in different lighting to compare color swatches to at Home Depot. Take pictures of your favorite little features so you can show your friends. Seriously, take pictures of everything. You’ll only get a few chances to look at the house before closing, so having these to go back to will be vital.

Bring your charger

Plug your cell phone charger into every outlet of the house as you walk through it. If the charging symbol doesn’t pop up, that outlet may be connected to a light switch (check!) or it may need further inspection.

Check your service

At this point in time, certain networks do not provide the best coverage in certain places. I currently live (on a lower level of a 4 story building) I cannot make calls in my kitchen and have to move into the living room, and I lose coverage for about 20 minutes of my red/green line commute while I’m underground. Check your service in every room in the house, and if your realtor or spouse has a different network check theirs as well. There are ways around limited service as well – such as using wifi rather than cellular service for the majority of your at home use. You can always change networks for a long-term living situation, but you want to at least be aware of your coverage before moving in.

Time your commute

You don’t actually need to be at the property to do this. Take out your favorite GPS app (Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze), and calculate your exact commute to your office. Will there be a lot of one way streets adding on unexpected time? Do you pass a school around the time students arrive or a major traffic area? This is your way to find out. Check it at different times of the day, both to and from. Is traffic regular, or more convenient around certain times? It makes settling in a little easier when you know exactly what to be prepared for.